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EcoPlanet Bamboo CA Supports National Charity

EcoPlanet Bamboo CA Supports National Charity


EcoPlanet Bamboo Central America is fully committed to improving lives of our surrounding communities through the adoption of socially responsible policies that reduce poverty by improving livelihoods and maximizing positive change.

One way we support this is by contributing to charitable organizations and activities that will have a positive social impact on our surrounding communities and our country. 

We have partnered with Fundación Teletón Nicaragua whose mission is to promote solidarity among Nicaraguans for the rehabilitation and social integration of children and adolescents with disabilities, primarily through the creation of clubs and national fundraising events. For over 11 years, they have treated more than 100,000 patients in 90 municipalities across the country, including the municipality of El Rama, which is home to our bamboo plantations.

On April 27th, the foundation organized a national telethon with the goal of raising C$20,000,000 (Córdobas) or $869,565.00 (US dollars) for the benefit of children and adults with disabilities. EcoPlanet Bamboo’s contribution along with other organizations and individuals across Nicaragua helped the telethon surpass its goal and raise C$21,508,252.60 (Córdobas) or $935,141 (US dollars). Our donation will benefit the Fundación Teletón Nicaragua’s sister organization in El Rama, which will positively impact our local communities.